Master of  Theological Studies

M.T.S. program is to produce biblically, theologically, and spiritually discerning Christian who can serve the body of Christ in lay. M.T.S. program provides biblical, theological, and spiritual foundation for reflection and a specialized focus on a discipline crucial to fulfilling TIU’s mission and from which students can serve or go on for advanced study.

Successfully complete 66 semester units of the following coursework with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale include Complete 6 semester units
of thesis and research project courses.

  • Complete all financial requirements
  • File an application for intent to graduate with the university office 8 weeks prior to graduation to certify that all graduation requirements have been met.
  • Complete the degree requirements within the time limit.


Master’s Research Project

6 semester units

Students are required to complete a Master’s research project for Master’s degree in the form of a thesis and present it to the Master’s Research Evaluation Committee for approval during the student’s final semester at Tyndale International University. Candidates for the Master’s Research Project are required to enroll in the following preparation course work of master’s research project (MR 701) and writing a thesis as an original project (MR 703) under the guidance of a faculty member.

Course No/ Course Title Units/Hours

MR 701/ Master’s Research Project I-1 3

MR 703/ Master’s Research Project I-2 3