Statement of Faith


Our Confession of Faith

1.  We believe that the New Testament and the Old Testament are the only God’s Word that is inspired by  God and believe that the Word of God is the only exclusive and unique law that steers our faith and deeds to be right and faultless

2. We believe in one God who is living, authoritative, and truthful, and that He is the everlasting God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

3. We believe in Jesus Christ being true man and God, His death to redemption, His resurrection of the flesh, and His Second Coming (Advent) in Glory to complete His Kingdom.

4. We believe in the glory of human kinds who are created in God’s image, total depravity, necessity of repentance, redemption, and believe in attaining salvation and justification solely by faith in Jesus who died on the cross and resurrected from the dead.

5. We believe that Holy Spirit shines in our lives, causes us to be born again, resides in us, helps us with daily work of salvation, direct us to witness the Gospel more efficiently as a Christian, and initiates us to serve with responsibility.

6. We believe that God, with His just and truth, judges all humanity by resurrection of eternal life or resurrection of eternal death.

7. We believe in Westminster Confession of Faith and Heidelberg Catechism, which represents the  conventional reformed faith the best, is faithful and truthful to the teachings of the Bible.

8. We denunciate liberalism and humanism, however, we believe that the faith rooted and centered on fundamental faith that is derived from Calvinism’s reformed faith and faith centered on the Bible will revive today’s churches and will lead believers to their spiritual growth.


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