Program Purpose

The Bachelor of Christian Counseling (B.C.C.) is a degree program for students who have successfully attained a high school diploma or its equivalent and who desire introductory academic introduction in Christian Counseling. This program is designed as providing students with ministerial training for counseling. The program offers a solid grounding in Bible, doctrine, and the practices of ministry within a strong Evangelical Reform environment.With a broad educational component, the curriculum enables students to develop a biblical worldview for life.


Degree Requirements/Time Limit

  1. Successfully complete 126 semester units of the following coursework laying emphasis on Christian Counseling with a cumulative minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale:
    • Complete 36 semester units of general education
    • Complete 60 semester units of common core courses laying emphasis on Christian Counseling.
    • Complete 30 semester units of unrestricted electives laying emphasis on Christian Counseling.
  1. The Bachelor of Christian Counseling program must be completed within 8 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student, which applies to the degree requirements.