Bachelor of Theology(B.Th.)

Program Purpose

This program is designed

to prepare students for Christian Ministries through a knowledge of the Bible, Biblical Theology, 

Practical Ministry Training, and for graduate study.

It is the fundamental degree for those seeking to enter a seminary.

Upon completion of the program leading to the award of a Master Degree in preparation for a career as an ordained minister. Graduates of Bachelor of Theology are able to serve the Christian community as Christian Educators, Missionary Workers, Youth Ministers, Christian counselors, or Sunday school coordinators. 

TIU offers a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies requiring 126 semester hours of credit. 

The program requires four academic years and is designed to equip students for effective  communication of the Gospel.

Degree Requirements/Time Limit

  1. Successfully complete 126 semester units of the following coursework laying emphasis on Christian education with a cumulative minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale:
    • Complete 36 semester units of general education
    • Complete 60 semester units of common core courses laying emphasis on Christian education.
    • Complete 30 semester units of unrestricted electives laying emphasis on Christian education.
  2. The Bachelor of Theology program must be completed within 8 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student, which applies to the degree requirements.