Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is the highest professional degree for those engaged in local church ministries, world missions, and similar ministries. The program leading to this degree is designed to equip those actively involved in a vocational ministry with a higher level of competence in the practice of a biblically, theologically and missiologically oriented ministry. This program concentrates on developing expertise in the theory and practice of ministry:

Degree Requirements/Time Limit

Successfully complete 36 semester units of the following coursework with a cumulative minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale:

1) Complete 9 semester units of the core seminar in contemporary ministry and career assessments,

2) Complete 9 semester units of an approved ministry-under supervision experience,

3) Complete 12 semester units of advanced courses,

4) Complete 6 semester units of the doctoral project.

5) Each student will concentration in one of the following areas:

(1) Pastoral Theology

(2) Christian Education

(3) Missions

6) Complete all financial requirements.

File an application for intent to be graduated and submit to the university office 8 weeks prior to commencement that all doctoral requirements have been met.

Complete doctoral requirements within the time limit.

Doctor of Ministry project must be completed within 3 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a student, which applies to the requirements.

Doctor’s Research Project

6 semester units

Students are required to complete a Doctor’s research project for Doctor’s degree in the form of a thesis and present it to the Doctor’s Research Evaluation Committee for approval during the student’s final semester. Candidates for the Doctor’s Research Project (DRS 803) are required to enroll in the following preparation course work of doctor’s research method seminar (DRS 801) and dissertation writing seminar (DRS 802) under the guidance.

Course No/ Course Title···················· Units/Hours

DRS 801/ Doctor’s Research Method Seminar····· 3/45

DRS 802/ Doctor’s Thesis Writing Seminar········· 3/45

Course No/ Course Title···················· Units/Hours

OT 801/ Old Testament Theology Seminar········· 3/45

NT 801/ New Testament Theology Seminar········ 3/45

TH 801/ Contemporary Theology Seminar········· 3/45

TH 802/ Puritan Theology Seminar ·················· 3/45

CE 801/ Christian Education Seminar ··············· 3/45

CE 802/ Christian Family Seminar ··················· 3/45

MS 801/ Church Mission Seminar ···················· 3/45

MS 802/ Church Growth Seminar ··················· 3/45

MS 803/ Comparative Religions Seminar··········· 3/45

MS 804/ Christian Worldview Seminar·············· 3/45

Course No/ Course Title···················· Units/Hours

CH 801/ American Church Seminar ················· 3/45

CH 802/ Korean-American Church Seminar······· 3/45

CH 803/ Intertestamental History Seminar·········· 3/45

PT 801/ Church Leadership Seminar ················ 3/45

PT 802/ Church Administration Seminar ············ 3/45

PT 803/ Homiletics/Church Polity Seminar ········· 3/45

PT 804/ Pastoral Counseling Seminar ················ 3/45

DRS 801/ Research Method Seminar ················ 3/45

DRS 802/ Dissertation Writing Seminar ············· 3/45

DRS 803/ Doctor’s Research Project ················· 6/90