Master of Theology


A student who holds a baccalaureate degree and the M.Div. degree or first graduate theological degree providing equivalent theological background—or its educational equivalent from approved institutions receives the degree of Master of Theology (Th.M.) on the completion of the prescribed program of study.

To satisfy the biblical languages requirement for the Th.M. program, the applicant must have the equivalent of the Greek and Hebrew requirements for the M.Div. or M.T.S. programs at TIU prior to admission. 

The purpose of the Th.M. is to increase the student’s knowledge of a major field of theological learning, particularly through training and practice in the use of the methods and tools of theological research and to prepare students for further advanced study at the Doctorate Degree. 


Requirements for the Th.M. Degree

Students must complete six courses(30 hours) as a baseline requirement and two courses(6 units)  must be taken as independent studies and completed writing a thesis(6 units). 


Core Concentration 

Each student may choose one of the four major areas of concentration for the Th.M. program:
1) Biblical Studies (OT or NT)
2) Historical Theology (Church History)
3) Theological Studies (Systematic Theology or Philosophical Theology)
4) Practical Theology (Christian Education, Mission, Pastoral Theology/Leadership)